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Eager Street Becomes Model of Community

CONTACT: Scott McDonald

(Wyomissing, PA) K2R Nation, a premier leader of real estate investments that provide new hope for communities and older neighborhoods, has completed a series of rehabilitation projects along Eager Street with the help of Vacants to Value initiative in Baltimore, Maryland.

10 years ago Chad Cassner and Scott McDonald wanted to create a business that could earn them money as well as providing something that would have a positive impact on people and the neighborhoods they lived in.

Today their vision, hard work and dedication are a reality and it is more than the dream they began with. Its name is K2R Nation. The idea was to empower people with the necessities they needed to better themselves and help individuals of all walks of life share in the benefits and joys of financial freedom. That idea has grown into something no one could have imagined. Thousands of people have learned from Chad and Scott and are now enjoying lifestyle benefits beyond their wildest imaginations.

The concept behind the K2R Nation is to teach people how to use investment real estate as the foundation for their financial portfolio. The benefit to the investor is twofold. Using the principles that Chad and Scott show them they are able to build an investment portfolio that is safe, secure, controllable and predictable. At the same time they get to generate additional income they get the rewarding experience of providing families a clean, safe and affordable place to live which changes the face of neighborhoods. It is the win-win business model they envisioned from the beginning.

“We can hardly believe the difference, “ stated Chad Cassner admiring the completed neighborhood, “We have been waiting for this day and glad to finally see Eager Street and other neighborhoods benefit from our commitment to improving communities. We could not have accomplished our vision without the guidance of the City of Baltimore, our investors, partners and company. Thank you all.”

Today the K2R Nation is thousands of investors strong and they have joined forces with the Vacants to Value initiative in Baltimore. Vacants to Value is a cooperative partnership between the private and public sector and it is changing neighborhoods faster than anticipated when the program began. The K2R Nation has changed the 1200 block of Eager Street, the 400 block of E Lorraine and the 400 block of Whitridge in the past year and they have no intention of stopping there.

The efforts of the K2R Nation have created an appealing place for families to want to live, reduced crime, increased property values and are helping repopulate the city of Baltimore.



About Keys 2 Retirement

Located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, the investment professionals at KEYS 2 RETIREMENT train investors how to use safe, controllable, predictable and proven investment strategies related to investment real estate. K2R also provides turnkey investment properties for investors packaged with a proven process and experience to guide investors in real estate. Every customer has a different combination of assets, limitations and dreams so individual plans are developed to match your financial situation and expectations. Giving back to the community is instilled in our philosophy and is core to our success of giving back. May the keys to retirement be yours.

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