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Client Success

Are you looking for inspiration or a reason why you should be investing in real estate? Read below to find out what success has been created for just a few of the investors that are working with Keys 2 Retirement.

Brian and Steph Balliet – Business Professionals
Whitehall, PA
Brain and Stephanie were like many people that wanted to get into real estate investing. They weren’t sure where to start so they spent large sums of money on programs that promised to teach them what they needed to know. The information they received was less than what they expected. They still knew real estate was a smart investment and a great way for them to achieve financial freedom. Dissatisfied with the information they were taught they decided to push forward and began purchasing properties and quickly ran out of money and were unable to continue. They spent more than a year and a half looking for ways to obtain money to finance their investments. After searching for a year and a half they began working with Chad and Scott from Keys 2 Retirement. Within 10 days of working with K2R they were approved for $200,000 of unsecured funds and now Brian and Steph are able to have K2R help them with their future investment properties.


Rick and Linda Dubbs – Entrepreneurs (Karate Studio Owners)
Hanover, PA
Rick and Linda have always understood the value of real estate and knew that working in combination with other successful investors is the fastest and easiest way to build a successful investment real estate portfolio. They partnered with K2R July 2010. K2R got them into 4 successful investment properties in the first 3 months of their partnership. Linda and Rick are now working with K2R to purchase another single family home and their 1st multi-unit. In less than 6 months of working with K2R they have increased their net worth by more than $1,000,000.


Ron Lippman – Continental Airline Captain
Catasauqua, PA
Ron’s time is limited because flying jumbo passenger aircraft across the world requires that he travel away from home for days and sometimes weeks at a time. He was always intrigued by investment real estate and was introduced to the professionals at K2R by a fellow airline pilot. Ron had a specific goal in mind when he met with K2R. He wanted to create a substantial amount of cash as quickly as possible. He has a beautiful daughter and he knew that it was only a matter of time until she would be getting married. Like every proud father Ron wanted to be able to provide her with the wedding of her dreams. Ron knew that making $300, $400 or even $500 a month in cashflow from one or two rentals was not going to get him the money he desired. K2R got Ron a property that he could purchase have rehabbed and then resold for a profit. K2R solved Ron’s problem of not being available to manage the investment while he was flying because they did everything for him from buying it to getting it sold for a profit of more than $28,000.


Sharon Lamm – Business Professional
Bethlehem, PA
Sharon bought her first investment property from another investor that promised he would walk her through every step of the process. After 18 months of torture and no support from the investor that sold her the deal she was ready to call it quits, sell the property and never do another investment real estate deal again. She met with K2R in an attempt to see what her options were. The experts at K2R designed a plan for Sharon. K2R brought in their Field Managers, Contractors and Property Management professionals and in less than 45 days turned Sharron’s nightmare into a dream. She now has a cashflowing property that she owns free and clear of any mortgages. She was so excited and grateful that she wants to do every investment deal from now on with K2R. K2R introduced Sharon to their Financial Planners and were able to obtain $100,000 in unsecured funds for her to purchase additional investments.


Terry Bothel – Government Contractor
Marlton, NJ
Terry is a very well respected professional in the government sector. He has spent his entire career working in a highly technical environment. He has very little free time but when he is not working he enjoys flying to watch his son play football for Navy. After working a long career and building a great life for his family he knew he needed to do more to secure his retirement so he wouldn’t have to work until the day he died. He got involved with a real estate investment training program, learned what he needed to do to buy investment real estate but he allowed 2 years to pass without applying any of his knowledge. He finally joined with Chad and Scott from K2R and began making his goals of investing in real estate a reality. Within 2 weeks of joining K2R Terry owned his 1st investment property and immediately had his 2nd property identified.


Dick Vangys – Retired Executive (Kraft)
Barb Vangys
Northampton, PA
Dick and Barb began trying to invest in real estate in April 2009 with minimal success. Joined K2R in October 2010. Thanks to K2R Dick and Barb purchased their 1st investment property November 18, 2011. K2R took care of locating the property, set the Vangys up with financing to purchase the property and pay for the rehab, completed of the restoration and found a tenant for the property. The property was rehabbed and a tenant was in place in less than 3 months. Dick and Barb now enjoy hundreds of dollars of additional income each month from the rent collected from their investment property. Immediately after they completed their first investment they had K2R get them a second investment property. Dick and Barb are now in the middle of a retail flip that will profit them over $30,000. They plan to purchase their 3rd investment property in the next few months.

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